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“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”

-Sal 2019


Ladies & Gentlemen, we the crew of Orlanda have packed up the desk and decided to take life a little less serious. An eclectic assortment of sailors, wanders & digital nomads, jointly intwined in a search of adventure.

We are on a mission to hunt down some of the worlds lesser known cruising locations, meet the locals and share their unique culture with the world. 

2019/20. Greece, Turkey, Kriti, Sicily, Sardegna, Spain, Balearics, Morocco, Gibraltar

Aug 2020. Leave the rock

[Berths Available: 0/8]

Stock up in Gibraltar & set sail east for the Spanish coast, Pit stop in the Balearics then head for the African Continent

Aug – Sept 2020. Portugal – Madeira – Savage Islands

[Berths Available: 0/8]
Start sailing south & follow the heat.

Oct 2020. Feed the Canaries

[Berths Available: 0/8]
Spend a month exploring, surfing, climbing, & MTB the rugged volcanic isles.

Nov (mid) 2020. To the green Cape

[Berths Available: 0/5]
Leave the Canaries and set sail to explore Cape Verde stopping where possible along the african coast

Dec 2020. Cross the Atlantic

[Berths Available: 0/5]
Cape Verde – The New World

JAN 2021. Antigua – Barbuda (Caribbean Intro)

[Berths Available: 0/5]
Tag along and explore some of the most idyllic islands & eat some of the best food in the world.

DEC 2023.  Caribbean Explorations

[Berths Available: 0/5]

Apr 2024.  Transatlantic West – East

[Berths Available: 2/5]

Ongoing sessions On orlanda

Orlanda is a Hallberg Rassy 49 refit for long term blue water travel. With solid crew of experienced sailors on the boat at all times and newcomers joining throughout we will aim to visit some of the most remote places on earth. Think this is for you?

orlanda Hallberg Rassy 49 No.9

Orlanda (1984) is a vessel built heavy to take on the seas. We refit her in 2019/2020 with a whole new set of equipment to allow us to travel further for longer. Thank you to our sponsors that helped us throughout!


Equipment List: